istayheretwentyfourseven-deacti asked: What do you do to workout?

Hello darling! I have posted a workout plan before, here is the link:

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dancetobetrue asked: What was your daily food routine? Did you snack 5 times a day or..?

I eat different things everyday, as long as I stick to a whole foods diet. I also drink tons of water, and stay away from process foods as much as possible. Eat whenever you are hungry, don’t ever starve yourself. Just keep your portions reasonable!

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whattt-fucking-ever asked: TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten favourite blogs and tell them they are it.

Haha, alrighty!

1.) I am 18 years old 
2.) I am originally from Washington D.C. 
3.) My favorite foods are a cheeseburger and french fries, cookies and creme hershey bars, and watermelon sour patches
4.) My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving
Annnnnnd 5.) I have a kitty named Louie! 

Off tagging I go!

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freshwa-ters asked: okay, people keep saying that fruit contains too much sugar so i shouldn't eat it, and avocados too much fat, and then they say that nuts are too many calories, and i'm just really confused and you have an amazing body so i thought you might have some idea which is rumors and whatnot?:)

You should always vary your diet. If you eat only fruit, then yes that is too much sugar. And if you eat too many avocados, then it is too much fat. But if you vary your diet, and have a healthy mix between fruits, veggies, and fats, they are fine. Everything in moderation love xx

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healthyek asked: Hey. You look awesome! I'm having trouble fitting in enough food and I know you're supposed to eat 5-6 meals a day... You said you eat 3 with small snacks in between.. Almonds and fruit are ok for in between? I've lost 15 pounds and need to work in more food but not sure how to do so without gaining what I've lost!

Hello darling! Almonds and fruit are definitely okay in between. Basically, I eat a small portion of food in between meals whenever I feel even a tinge hungry. Never wait until you are starving to eat, when you starve your body stores more fat!

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totesteen asked: hey! how did you get your skin to look flawless?

Hello love! I use Clinique products, and absolutely swear by it! It’s a little pricier, but it’s totally worth it. Definitely recommend the acne solutions skincare line. Does wonders! I was a pizza face before!

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trillimpression asked: hey giiiirl! i recently saw your 4 month progression pic and i'm just so impressed! you're doing amazing! other than me... i couldn't even loose a pound -.- i actually gained weight! i'm always trying to eat healthy and in little portions, and it does work.. for 1 week or so. and then i end up binging again and feeling crappy again because ive gained weight -.- i'm just an emotional eater or however u call it. its just so frustrating because i can never stay on track :( any help?? xx

Hello love! Don’t get discouraged! I am having trouble making any progress right now. Between school, work, and my new apartment, I feel like I don’t have time to watch what I eat, much less exercise! I’ve been to McDonald’s 3 times this week! Ugh, definitely not proud of it. But I am going to keep my chin up and keep trying until I succeed. Quitting gets you no where! I’m rooting for you, let me know how it goes xx

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insta-fit asked: hi! i was wondering how you lost weight without counting calories? i lost 12 pounds by counting calories and working out everyday last year, but now i want to not focus on calories and more nutrition. I have about 15 more pounds to lose- what is your advice? Thanks :)

Hello love! I recommend that you eat a plant based, whole food diet. This means, try to eat mostly fruits and veggies and small amounts of meats and processed foods. Also, drink tooons of water! I eat three times a day with small snacks in between, and try to keep to a routine schedule. This will keep you from binging! I never bothered counting calories, it’s too much of a hassle and makes me feel like crap anyway.

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shelbysbeautybox asked: did you see a difference in your cellulite (not that i can you have any!) after you started eating clean etc.. i have a similar body type to you and my butt and thighs have it :/

I was extremely blessed and actually do not have a gene for cellulite. But don’t worry about it girl! It’s naturally a part of women’s bodies. Stick skinny Victoria’s Secret models have cellulite, they just photoshop it out. Embrace it! it’s part of your womanhood :-)

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thehealthiesticanbe asked: do you count calories? I really wanna know how you got that beautiful body!

Hello love! I actually do not. It’s too much of a hassle throughout the day, and just makes me way too anxious. I mostly just keep numbers of all forms out of my daily routine (measurements, calorie intake, etc.), and go by how my body looks. It’s more satisfying to see a change in the mirror than a change in number xx

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